Design Services

Our design philosophy is to help our clients with transforming and beautifying their environment through the use of light. We accomplish this by utilizing concealed sources, decorative fixtures, and natural light with the most energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing system possible.

Architectural Lighting Design

We focus on the three fundamental aspects of the illumination of buildings and spaces. Aesthetic appeal: An aspect particularly important in the illumination of today’s modern designs. Ergonomics: The measure of how much of a function the lighting plays and how much light is required. Energy-Efficiency: To ensure that light is not wasted by over-illumination and to utilize LED technology.

Project Design Consultation

During the design consultation, we will meet on-site or over a video chat and determine your lighting needs. Once we form a list of your lighting requirements, we can help you determine a budget and if necessary adjust your list of lighting to meet your goals. A timeline of the project will also be determined at this time. After the consultation we will send a proposal detailing the scope of the work, the lighting needed, time required to complete and estimate of the project costs.

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