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48 of the best landscape lighting Ideas

Intentionally using outdoor lighting to highlight landscaping, architecture, pathways, and other elements outside your home is a great way to introduce your personal aesthetic before anyone steps inside your front door. However, there are so many ways to accent these spaces and create unique aesthetics that using outdoor lighting may seem like a daunting task to approach. To help you gain inspiration for your landscaping and lighting, we have analyzed some of our favorite examples of successful outdoor lighting and provided guidance in how to illuminate your home and your style.

Vertical Lighting

Vertical landscape lighting can be utilized to accent tall shrubs, especially when those shrugs are placed directly in front of a wall or fence. When placing the lights in the ground, they should rest between the shrubs and point up and towards the building or wall. As you can see by this home, that casting of light creates beautiful shadows and highlights the dimension of the shrubs and the home's siding.

Unity In Design

Although these lantern sconces do not highlight the yard's landscape, they do an excellent job highlighting the plants directly beneath them. Part of the reason these lights excel at showcasing the flowers is because the sconces, side panelling, and doors all fall into a similar aesthetic with straight lines and clean-cut design. This sets the sconces and the rest of the home apart from the flowers, which inadvertently allows the plants to shine as a unique element in the space. Aside from this benefit, the unity of style with the lanterns, siding, and doors helps unify the space under one cohesive design.

Drawing The Eye

The distribution of light on the exterior of this home is not balanced all the way around, but balance isn't necessary in all cases. The garages are accented by beautiful wall sconces, but the lights from the foyer and main fellowship areas make those lights pale in comparison. It is alright to draw attention to the main area of the home as opposed to garages or other spaces, but you also should not leave those spaces abandoned to darkness. Finding the balance between accent lighting and key focal points is crucial in creating the proper aesthetic.

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Downward Casting

Outdoor wall lights cast light in many different light temperatures, directions, and intensities. With this home, you can see how the lights are directed both downward and outward. This setup is ideal for small front porches where you want to highlight the door or any plants in the nearby vicinity. You may also choose lights with a wider light dispersal if you wish to have some of the porch light cast on foliage to the side of the porch.

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Black and White

The contrast of black and white is quite popular in modern farmhouse style, but this color duo is a winner in other rustic styles as well. As you can see with this home, the black lantern pendants stand out well against the white-painted brick, but their dark colors are supported by the black doors and wooden ceiling. When you look at a space, consider the nearby coordinating colors to create a cohesive space.

Designing to New Heights

Outdoor pendant lights and chandeliers come at varying sizes and heights, so it is important to choose lights that will fit in your designated spaces. Though your home is not identical to this one, you can see how the pendant lights are about two-thirds above the ground, and this connection enables the lights to bridge the gap between the decks and the recreational area. When you are looking to place pendant lights or chandeliers, think of them as a way to connect your lights thematically to the next area, even if that next area is just the ceiling above them.

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Multiple Lighting Types

When adding lights to an outdoor space, you do not have to choose one lighting type to fill out the entire space. This getaway features wall sconces, wall lights, path lights, and an outdoor floor lamp to create ambient light and practical light for the main seating area. If you choose to combine multiple lighting types, look for similarities between them all and choose one of the fixtures to be more prominent than the others as a beautiful focal point.

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Mixing Styles

The lanterns fixed to the side of this home are more traditional in their silhouette and lighting temperature, but they are not limited to traditional style homes. In fact, they can be used in modern landscapes like this one in order to add a sense of class and traditionalism to the home's aesthetic. These lights work well because they do fit a traditional style, but they are also modern with their cleancut design and their matte black finish. If you plan on mixing traditional and modern styles, consider doing so through these facets of lighting fixtures.

Highlighting Architecture

Outside some contemporary homes, there may be little to no greenery to shine a light on. That does not mean that outdoor landscape lights are useless; in fact, it is an opportunity to direct one's eye to other details. In this sample, the lights cast onto the wall highlight the building's beautiful stucco finish, texture, and warm color. Adding lights to contemporary, minimalist styles can be a daunting task since you do not want a busy space, but simple lights such as these are the perfect balance between minimalist design and artistic expression.

Completely Homey

This farmhouse-inspired home uses lighting in multiple areas to create the welcoming, approachable style farmhouses are known for. The lights placed along the garage doors, in the front yard, above the windows, and above the front door all work towards creating the homeowner's desired tone. If you are considering adding a light to your home's exterior, take a moment to look at the exterior as a whole to create a full lighting plan. This planning will enable you to set the tone for the space you initially considered and ensure your entire home creates your desired tone.

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Light Placement

If you are looking to place an outdoor light near a sliding door or a large set of windows, consider how much light from the interior home will pour out onto your porch or patio. In these situations, you may add some distance between your wall sconces and the windows/doors in order to set the spaces apart and intentionally shine an outdoor light on a specific item like a plant or seat.

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Supporting Focal Points

The beautifully warm mid century modern door is an obvious focal point of this home, and setting any light immediately next to it could potentially clutter the space and detract from the entry. The light on the side wall serves to reinforce the mid century style of the door by utilizing geometric shapes and clean-lines throughout its design, so it fits into the scheme and does not detract from the door: in fact, it highlights it. As you seek to add exterior or landscape lighting, be sure that they support any existing focal points through their placement and style.

Eclectic Lighting

Portable lamps and small floor lights do not have to be uniformly placed or intentionally spaced out. Adding in a sense of whimsy with scattered floor lights like this space does will enable you to fully fit into an eclectic style and create a relaxed environment.

Positioning Post Lights

Outdoor post lights are often placed along either side of a pathway, but they are not limited to these areas. This outdoor space wisely utilizes a single Axis Outdoor Post Light to mark a transition between an open space and fenced in pool area. This subtle marker helps ease the transition between the two spaces, and stylistically, the light ties to the fence with similar vertical posts to create a seamless bridge from one space to another.

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Considerate Placement

As you approach an outdoor set of stairs, it is important to know where the steps are and to have a safe path. Though the light shown in this picture is not the sole one responsible for illuminating this walkway, it does an excellent job reinforcing the placement of the stairs and signaling an elevation change. Plus, with this height, it is a beautiful accent as people approach the stairs.

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These bollard lights may be small, but they fulfill multiple important functions. They differentiate the landscaping from the path, highlight the natural greenery, and show visual distinction between the textures of the path and the gravel. Some may desire post lights that cast greater light on the path, but if you're seeking to create more moody ambiance, bollard lights like these may help you achieve that tone.

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Creating Balance

The landscape lighting of this home perfectly portrays how to utilize different lighting directions to create a beautiful exterior. The downward cast lights perfectly illuminate the pathway to the home, and the wall sconces by the door continue that trend by pointing light down and out. Remember, creating visual balance is not just about lights within a certain distance of one another; it is about creating a full scene or environment where the lights work towards the same style goals.

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Steps For Success

Adding small step lights on outdoor stairways is a perfect way to set the tone and create a safe pathway. When you incorporate lights, they do not have to be present at each step. They also should rest just a few inches above the step so that the light is dispersed enough to illuminate the steps and maintain your desired ambiance.


Outdoor lighting fixtures, along with indoor lights, are a work of art in their own right. This wall sconce from George Kovacs proves how abstract finishes and construction can create a light that is both functional and artistic. As you seek the right outdoor light for your space, consider the artistic flair it can present along with any practical functionality.

Lack of Symmetry

Contrary to the setting above, this space creates a classic, traditional space without utilizing symmetry with two wall sconces. Instead, the traditional aesthetic is developed through the building itself, the furniture, archway, plants, and the light itself. Rest assured that even without symmetry, you can create a space that perfectly fits a traditional style.

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Eye Level Lights

It is appropriate to place wall sconces at eye level as long as they will not blind anyone who is approaching them. Therefore, downward cast sconces like these are perfectly suited for this height as they serve as practical lighting and natural accents to the doors and windows.

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Idyllic Countryside

Though this home has beautiful flowers and landscaping in front of it, there are no lights directly shining on those features or making them the focal point. That is because this home knows what it is: an idyllic countryside retreat where the aesthetic and ambiance is more important than the fine floral details. Whether you're looking for lights to create the same sort of aesthetic or not, this home is a great example of how lights can reinforce the home's tone and identity.

Vintage Industrial Aesthetics

In this example, the shape and finish of the wall sconces fits well into a vintage style, even if the rest of the space does not lean into that aesthetic. The branching style between the vintage wall sconces and the furniture is the building's brick walls, which work in modern industrial spaces. If your home has siding or finishes the way that this home does, allow that to serve as a connective piece between your wall sconces and outdoor seating space.

Cozy Lighting

The color of any bulbs included in outdoor lighting will dramatically impact the light's brightness and tone. The Anchorage Outdoor Wall Sconce by Hinkley Lighting shown here has a warm incandescent candle light within the lantern to create a soothing, rustic aesthetic. The light may not cast as far as other fixtures or bulbs, but it perfectly creates the ambiance for that space. When choosing your lighting fixtures, you do not need to focus on illuminating an entire space; if it is your goal to create simple ambiance with a light, that is reason enough to include it.

Stellar Sections

Wall sconces are often placed immediately next to the sides of a door, but that is not always the case. This home's exterior purposefully shows off its outdoor lights on the ends of the pillars to create two effects: a more moody seating area between the pillars and a clear break from the space outside the pillars and the seating alcove. While your home may not have this exact setup, consider the placement of your lights carefully in creating ambiance and illuminating unexpected spaces.

Portable Lights

Portable indoor/outdoor lamps are ideal for resting on side tables, nearby architecture, or the floor. With portable lights, you have options with different light sizes, light temperatures, design styles, and light direction among other areas. Though they are not a permanent fixture, they can work wonders in brightening multiple spaces and serving as a practical, stylish accent.

Modern Rustic

Rustic environments and rustic interior design styles both blend well with other aesthetics. The lights on display here obviously lean into contemporary style, but they work within this setting for two reasons: they tie into the clean-cut modern pergola and connect to the trees through the subtle textured gold bands. Even if you are not seeking to create this aesthetic, you can see how the light's shape and finishes can serve as thematic ties to other styles, including the nearby landscape.

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Light Temperatures

The light temperature shown in this outdoor entryway is the perfect warmth to balance the cold stonework and the warm wood. Many outdoor lights have options with different lighting temperatures, which will allow you to create tones that are warm, cool, or somewhere in the middle. The lighting temperature is as crucial as the outdoor light itself, so be sure to check your ideal light's lighting temperature to ensure your light creates the right mood.

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Modern Traditions

Houses covered in stone often fit more of a traditional or rustic mold, but that doesn't mean that the lighting fixtures need fully lean into those styles. The post light in the forefront does have traditional aspects with the lantern top and post, but the artistry behind the lantern's angle, polished metal, and use of lines allow it to seamlessly blend modern and traditional styles. Outdoor lights are a great opportunity to showcase your style, even if your aesthetic falls into more than one specific branch of interior design styles.

Subtle Details

The small details of an outdoor light make a big difference. The opal and seeded glass of this forged light create a more rustic aesthetic that pairs well with the beam directly above it. Though that may seem like an inconsequential facet of the light at first, it is an important part of conveying a rustic aesthetic. This is a lesson on why you should carefully choose your light for its overarching tone and subtle finishes to optimally accent your space.

Modern Minimalism

Heavy ornamentation and detailing is not necessary for creating an attractive landscape light. This pair of lights from George Kovacs uses simple lines and clean angles to create directional lights fitting for porches, patios, or landscaping. When considering modern lights, study your nearby setting for home's innate style. Some areas to consider include the home's walls, flooring, nearby plants, and any other accents in the lights' vicinity.

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Subtle Connections

The mimial area shown in this photo successfully conveys an important aspect of interior design: coordinating connections between various accents. The vertical wall sconces mimic the lights on either side of the door, but the wall sconces also use metal that is similar to the door's handle. These simple connections are perfect for subtly creating a unified space.

Unique Opportunities

With no options to mount lights above these shrubs, there were only options for post lights or angled lights in front of the shrubs. However, this home found a third option: placing beacon lighting throughout the stonework in front of the bushes to illuminate that space and highlight the landscaping during the day and night. When designing your landscaping or working with a professional, seek out unique design opportunities to create a space unlike any other.

Collective Design

This woodsy patio shows how dark light fixtures can add to the area's rustic ambiance. However, what is not as noticable is the fact that there are three different types of light present: the pendant lights, wall sconces, and mounted light. This is not the most prominent detail because of how these lights use similar shapes, colors, and light temperatures to create a consistent tone. As you seek outdoor lighting, you may use multiple lighting types, but be sure they have similar elements to connect them stylistically.

Reinforcing Themes

This small area has a very defined style with its striped pillows, linear seats, and rounded pillows and table. It is only natural that the wall lights carry on this theme by seamlessly blending the two aesthetics. The fixture itself is rectangular, but the interior white lights showcase arches to match with the other accents. Considering subtle details like these is a great way to create a cohesive space where each element feels perfectly chosen and placed.

Elevated Design

Depending on the wall lighting you choose to brighten your exterior, you will naturally choose different heights to mount your light. This sample shows that with lights cast in all directions, they should be mounted higher than downward or upward cast lights. When they are higher, they will not rest at eye-height and accidentally blind anyone walking towards them. If they are in a space like this one, higher mounted lights may also highlight any architectural features or roof above them by showing off the height around them.

Flexible Lighting

The Atlas Outdoor Wall Light is an instant favorite for illuminating modern outdoor spaces. Although this sample has the lights pointing downward, they can be mounted to direct the light in whichever direction you please. When viewing samples of outdoor lighting fixtures, see the light for both how it is used in the promotional photos and how it may be transformed to fit your outdoor areas.

Reflective Design

When seeking to create a brighter space, there are several options. One obvious option is to incorporate more lights, but another is to intentionally place glass or mirrors near the light. This elegant contemporary home shows how the outdoor pendant lights are hung directly in front of glass, which enables the windows to cast a reflection of light to further brighten the exterior. Not only is this setup practical, but it is also stunning as outdoor chandeliers cast beautiful reflections on their own.

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Grand Design

Although this porch's lighting scheme is defined by all three fixtures, the upper pendant light in particular has an important task. By highlighting the height of the porch, the arched roof, and height of the entrance, the pendant light creates a very grand tone throughout the entire space. If your porch has height or arches in its architecture, consider highlighting those features with a well-placed pendant light or mini chandelier.

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There is no shame in utilizing the same wall sconces in multiple outdoor spaces. In fact, displaying them like this home does is an excellent way to unify the exterior's design and direct your eye towards beautiful architecture. The unity of sconces, their parallel placements, and intentional lighting direction all make them ideal for highlighting homes like this.

Dynamic Design

This outdoor landscape combines both post lights and wall sconces to create a dynamic space. Perhaps the most impactful part of the design is the varying levels they are posted at and how the lights are mounted on the walls. These differing heights allows the eye to travel all around the space and gain a full appreciation for both the home and the landscaping. Similar practices can be applied to other homes as well to highlight buildings and landscaping alike.

Perfect Symmetry

Traditional styles tend to highlight symmetry in their design, so it is fitting to include symmetry outside of traditional or classic homes. In this space, you can see how the portico's pillars frame the space, then the lanterns come into view, and then the door is the centerpiece. If you're seeking to add a traditional aesthetic to your exterior, you may use traditional style lights, but you can also carefully consider how you place your lights to evoke that sense of order and class.

Get a transformer

This is not a scary piece of electrical equipment. This is a very simple box that can plug into any outdoor outlet if you want to keep things simple, or it can be mounted in a garage and plugged in. Fancier versions can be hardwired and controlled remotely. The power that goes into your transformer is 120 volts of electricity or line-voltage, this is the voltage that comes from all residential home electrical outlets. The transformer does this amazing thing, it transforms the voltage down to 12 volts. Yes 12 volts, more than a 9volt battery, but way less than 120volts so that it's safe and easy to run wire and have running throughout your yard. Most all landscape lighting is powered by low-voltage power and can go long distances up to 150 feet, and longer if needed.

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Be controlling

We suggest starting out to get a basic mechanical timer or photo-cell sensor. The mechanical timer is easy to set up and this way your lights go on at 6pm or 7pm, or whenever you set, and off as well. This is a brainless system to setup that you change a few times a year as the sun sets at different times. The other basic, if your transformer is outside, is a photocell sensor. Essentially this tells your transformer, if it's dark out go on, if it's light out, stay off. Pretty simple right? We think so.

Wire it up

Landscape wire is very important, without it, the power doesn't go from your transformer to your lights. Tesla was working on wireless energy, but he never quite perfected it, so you will need a wire to get power from point A to point B. Landscape wire is sold by the foot or reels of 50' feet or 100' feet or even 500' feet. The gauge is how thick the wire is...thickest at 8 and thinnest at 18. 12 gauge is standard for landscape wire. Get a spool and get going. If you have more in-depth wire gauge questions, check out this Irwin Corey post. Furthermore, when wiring together make sure to use outdoor rated silicone filled wire connectors like the image below. This will keep the water out of your wires, remember water and electricity don't mix!

Accent some foliage

The all-powerful accent light is the work horse of your entire project, so pick a good one. When it comes to materials in landscape lighting, brass is best. Brass doesn't rust, it will deal with the elements, temperature, and weather, better than painted metal over a long period of time. Please use LED lighting engines. The world is melting, conserve some energy. If you don't care about that then conserve some of your time as LED will last longer than traditional halogen lamps, saving you back breaking work changing bulbs out on a Saturday. Speaking of lamps, pick a color temperature. We prefer 2700k warm white. We suggest getting one of each and picking for yourself. 2700k is a warmer cozier amber light, 3000k is like the crisp white of halogen, still warm but crisp. Either will work well. Beam spreads are nice to play with and this light has choices so you can setup your light with different size beam spread after installed. The newest, bestest, greatest feature is that you can change light output for each light! You can change from 4, 8, 10, or 12 watts of output. So, for small trees or palm trees this light has you covered. And with a 5-year warranty you're covered from any defects, worry free lighting is the way to go.

Follow the Illuminated Path

The path in light is paved in gold. The illuminated path can take you to some interesting places in life, or it can take you to the front or back door of your home, safely. The path light is a functional light, more function than form, as it is lighting up concrete most of the time, or beautiful sandstone pavers. The point is that it keeps you safe from tripping and falling and that's all the impetus you need to get some or get some good homeowners' insurance because walking in the dark can be dangerous. Path lights solve all these problems. They are best when spaced a part a bit, maybe a bit less than more here, as you don't need to illuminate every inch of a pathway. Sometimes back and forth on each of a pathway is nice, if it is a long straight pathway then evenly spaced down one side is nice. The 16" height is not too obtrusive and the side mount off center hat helps the light project onto one direction mainly..the path, with a bit of leak everywhere else.

Have Fun

Landscape lighting is very forgiving, if you don't like what you come up with, then rip it out of the ground, preferably you're installing and uninstalling when the ground is soft and start over somewhere else. You can always add and subtract and move things around as your yard grows and changes, the beauty is that once you set it up, it's easy to add and fix, not like inside your house. And YOU CAN DO IT! Yes, you can DIY yourself and show everyone that you're an artist, electrician, designer, and gardener all at the same time. There are a lot more sophisticated landscape lights for steps, water fountains, hardscaping, and more but were started with the basics, something you can build on. Have fun but stay in your yard and keep the light out of my eyes please!

Outdoor lighting presents a unique opportunity to convey your personal style and provide essential ambient lighting. Through the techniques and applications described above, we hope that you have gained the necessary inspiration and knowledge to create your perfect landscaping and landscape lighting.


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